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Adobe Flash Player RC1 / / 9.0.283 Patched /'s Review with Statistics Description Requirements Features Download Link and More

Name : Adobe Flash Player
Version : RC1 / / 9.0.283 Patched /
Developer(s) : Adobe Systems
License Type : Freeware
Price : Free
File Size : 2.7 Mega Byte
Supported Opareting System(s) : All of Windows OS
Type : Run-time environment, Media Player and Also A Browser extension
Short Description : Adobe Flash Player Manufactured by Macromedia and now developed and distributed by Adobe Systems after its acquisition. It Is Used to View / Play Animations and Movies using computer programs such as a web browser. Now It Supports ActionScript 3.0. It Is A Web browsers and ActiveX-based software
Features : ActionScript 3.0, New virtual machine, Increased performance, InnovativeDisplay API, File upload/download, Enhanced expressiveness, External API, Universal Consistent experiences, Express Install, Lightweight footprint etc
Requirements : Minimum Intel Pentium II 450MHz Processor or equivalent, AMD Athlon 600MHz or faster processor, Minimum 128MB of RAM, Minimum 128MB of graphics memory, Minimum Version of Iernet Explorer 6.0, Minimum Version of Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Minimum Version of Google Chrome 2.0, Minimum Version of Safari 3.0, Minimum Version of Opera 9.5, Minimum Version of AOL
Supported Language(s) : Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Korean and Turkish
Web-Address :
Free Download Link :